Sunday, November 15, 2015

3D Cone Beam CT Technology

Recent advances in technology has allowed many dentists to apply 3D Cone Beam CT imaging to patient care in private practice. I took the plunge late in 2014, investing in one of the top rated 3D Cone Beam CT scanners in order to improve the quality of dental care for my patients. While most hospitals will charge around $1000 for a single scan, we charge only a small fraction of that cost. Less than one percent of the dentists in the world have this technology - in fact none of my current fellow cosmetic and general dental colleagues in my known network have one of these machines (as of November 2015). I'm sure most dentists may think it highly impractical to allocate such a large monetary sum towards technology that will not give an immediate return on investment. However in my humble opinion, the peace of mind that I am providing the best dental care for all my patients outweighs any monetary reward.

I have been very impressed with the accuracy of our imaging technology thus far. Below is a sample case of one of the methods of how we utilize our 3D Cone Beam CT in our practice. In these images we are maximizing both the length and diameter of each implant, thereby improving the retention and therefore the longevity of the implant.  Please note the close proximity to the IA and mental nerve. Without  this technology, many dentists may run the risk of damaging a nerve when placing implants of this size.

In February 2015, Dental Products Reports, one of the nation's leading dental magazines interviewed our office to discuss our thoughts on this technology. More information can be found at
A copy of the article published in Dental Products Reports can be found below:


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